Imari Hardon, MHC-LP

in Scarsdale, NY

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I'm Imari! I am a Mental Health Counselor (LP) and completed my Master's at New York University. Additionally, I am on the journey to becoming a Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (musical theater concentration) from Carnegie Mellon University. Before my foray into the mental health field, I worked professionally on stage, television, and production, including performing for five years in the Tony Award Winning Production of Avenue Q. After years of mental health advocacy, I have found the perfect marriage of my passions for theatre and helping people in my pursuit of mental health counseling. I blend my entertainment background with my psychology and counseling training to create a dynamic and experiential counseling style.
Are you feeling anxious and frustrated? Irritable and aimless? Do you have recurring frustrating thoughts? Maybe you have some triggers or past traumas you need help processing and moving on. Perhaps you're having a difficult time just getting out of bed. You need help creating meaning and being accountable for achieving your goals. I can help! I want to help you explore your narrative, express your feelings, and experience a new way to live. Understanding why you are the way you are or how you operate is the first part of the process. I utilize talk therapy and experiential and expressive arts techniques customized to your individual needs. My goal is to talk you through your problems and help you experience healing. A father of psychology, Carl Jung, once said, "The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no one recipe for living that suits all cases." So let's work together and find what works for you to build you a better tomorrow.

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