Damise Vaughn, MS, MHC-LP

Counselor in Scarsdale, NY

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Damise Vaughn believes therapy should be fun as well as challenging. She creates a space where you can be vulnerable, and your thoughts and beliefs can be challenged with compassion. In a world where we constantly have to pour, she believes everyone deserves a space solely catered to them and their growth. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help uncover core beliefs that will change actions. As well as a psychodynamic theory that explores unconscious thoughts and a trip to the past to see how it affects you today! She specializes in helping clients with the following concerns: Trauma, relationships, behavioral health, mental wellness, anxiety, depression, and family concerns.

Damise’s out-of-pocket rate is $100 per 55 minute session and $75 for a 45 minute session.

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